At 38 weeks pregnant, I’ve been through so many transitions…if I were to list them all, I could win awards for “Longest blog post.”

One transition I’ve been reflecting on lately is the transition of two into three. I made a similar transition nearly two years ago, when I made vows before God and witnesses in marriage to Jeremy. Two became joined, to be separated only by death. I daresay growing a tiny human has been a million times more eventful than these first few years of marriage, but the change is similar. In a few weeks (sooner or later, depending on when Squishy is feeling it. If he’s anything like mom, he’ll stay in as long as possible, wanting to be lazy and warm), our group of two will become a group of three, again, to be separated only by death. Never again (I pray) will Jeremy and I just be Jeremy and I. I was nervous about this sort of transition before we were married, but now that a little life is being put into the mix, a little life that we’ll be responsible for, it causes a lot more anxiety.


But I know I have the perfect man by my side to face this transition.


Not a day goes by when I’m not thankful for Jeremy. Marrying him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and putting effort into our marriage continues to be an amazing decision. He truly meets so many of the standards that are laid out in the Word for a good husband, and for some reason, he picked me to be the one he would show that love to–how blessed am I! He already has so much love for our little Squishy, and knowing how much he looks forward to meeting our son makes so many of my parenting fears melt away.

As parents, we’ll have several priorities, those being to not only care for our child’s physical and emotional needs, but to bring him up knowing God is there, and is a part of his life, even if he grows up and doesn’t turn to God. That’s not our decision–it’s all on the One who created Squishy. But I pray that the love his parents have for each other and for God will be evident in how we interact with each other, and with Squish. And how I love the man God has blessed me with!

We have a million more transitions in store in this life. I can’t wait to face them with you, Jer.


One thought on “Transitions

  1. Nolley

    Isn’t The Lord so thoughtful to give us 40+ weeks to get used to the idea of this other creature? 😀
    Your tender ways are going to serve you so well in this ‘transition’. I am so excited and blessed to witness you blossoming into motherhood. And we love Jeremy! you two are so balanced together. Mr Squish has it made!
    Love from the Eaton East Coast Outpost!

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