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Anyway, I’m a little more than halfway through this pregnancy (if we’re working off the 40 week number), and in many ways, it’s gone by in a flash. Even though I still have around 20 weeks for baby to get here, I feel like it’s still not enough time.

What have I learned this week about pregnancy?

  1. Baby kicks are strong and freaky. Your insides aren’t supposed to move. There’s a natural instinct that tells you this. And yet it’s totally natural in this context.
  2. Baby knows how to kick/stretch at the ligaments keeping him suspended in my tummy, causing the birth-giver much pain.
  3. Oh yeah, Squishy is a boy! I was totally convinced it was a girl…guess the motherly instinct doesn’t work in that aspect.
  4. The placenta previa I had been diagnosed with at 13 weeks is resolved! No more major weight lifting/exercise restrictions, and I’m less likely to have other problems such as bleeding or need of a c-section. Not that there’s anything wrong with a c-section (anything that gets the baby out is good with me!) but it is a major surgery that can require a lot of recovery time. Then again, natural births require recovery too, so I don’t really know what I’m saying. Anyway, I don’t actually know whether I’d rather be sliced open or push something the size of a watermelon out of me. Both ideas are equally as scary. But women have been pushing babies out for centuries, and most go on to live normal lives. So I got that going for me, I guess.
  5. Not many things are better than seeing the joy on your husband’s face as he gets to feel the baby kick.

This picture was taken at 16w:


And this one is at 20w5d, same shirt, and an unfocused camera :P:


Bump is definitely bigger, especially up top, but I’m sure there’s going to be bigger changes soon. I already feel huge, though! I have issues bending down to put my socks on, I can’t slouch too much otherwise I have trouble breathing (though a good reminder for good posture!).


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