Dear Squishy,

Dear Squishy,

When I first met your daddy, I realized that we liked many of the same things, and we became fast friends. Not long after I started talking to him, I could see that I wanted him in my life. As we dated, were engaged, and got married, I knew your daddy was my best friend. I can talk to him about anything. I know you will be able to, too.

Dear Squishy, your daddy also does everything he can to protect me and provide for me. From going to work, to checking out car problems, to making sure the antivirus is up to date on my computer, he is very detailed and thorough. He’s patient, loving, compassionate, and prayerful.

Dear Squishy, when your daddy first realized that you had come into existence, he was overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to meet you. The knowledge that you will be a boy only made that bond stronger. Even though you were a surprise to us, your daddy reassured me that God has His purposes, and sent you to us at the right time.

Dear Squishy, you must know that your daddy will do everything he can to protect you and provide for you. He’s such a good man, and will love you with all of his heart. He’s wanted you since the day we got married.

Dear Squishy, I hope that you learn from and become like your daddy, for I know that means you will grow up to be a good man.

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