We got a pizza stone!

Since pretty much the start of our marriage, Friday night has been pizza night. We used to get Pizza Hut every time, and as delicious as their pretzal crust pan pizza is, it’s neither healthy nor inexpensive in the long run. Not that there’s really a way to make pizza healthy (I’m not quite ready to try quinoa or alternative flour crusts yet!), homemade pizza definitely allows you to control what goes on and in your pizza.

I use Bobby Flay’s pizza dough recipe, which produces two pizza’s worth of dough, and it’s a vast improvement from the Winco pizza dough we used to get. But I knew it could be better…my parents had a pizza stone for a long time, which made for a slightly crispier crust. Jeremy reminded me of it, and he ordered a pizza stone and a pizza paddle. Since we have pizza nearly every Friday, I’d say it was a worthy investment. 🙂

Yesterday, we decided to try it out.






Definitely would recommend getting a pizza stone! Apparently you can use it for things other than pizza, too! 🙂


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